£1,349.00 – Tacx Neo 2T and LifeLine Motion Bundle Turbo Trainers




Tacx Neo 2T Smart Trainer Powerful, precise and quiet, the Tacx Neo 2T Smart Trainer is the highest performing direct-drive trainer ever created and it provides the most authentic real-cycling experience in the comfort of your home. Please Note: This trainer comes with a UK 3-Pin mains power plug Following on from the successes of the previous models, Tacx has pushed the evolution of the Neo design to deliver the best performance imaginable. The Neo 2T features a re-designed motor that handles rider pedalling power up to 2200 watts and achieves performance readings within 1% accuracy.  Adding to this, it’s built to simulate the climbing of hills up to steepness of 25% to really put your performance, stamina and cadence power output to the test. Pedal Stroke Analysis Technology Accurate Training Results  The Neo platform has been developed in conjunction with pro-teams who use it to track and improve their performance goals. As well as providing a true road cycling resistance feel thanks to its dynamic inertia motor, it records your performance output with World Class accuracy. Equipped with Pedal Stroke Analysis Technology, this smart trainer provides outstandingly precise training results, which can now be viewed, analysed and evaluated using popular third party cycling apps. And, this exceptional, performance-enhancing trainer is easier to use than ever before and is compatible with virtually every rear-axle standard straight out of the box. Please Note: To use this smart trainer with SRAM AXS or SRAM Eagle 12-speed cassette, you will also need to purchase the following alternative cassette freehub body: SRAM XD/XDR freehub Silent: With the NEO 2T Smart, Tacx has revolutionised the market by creating something that was perceived impossible: a completely silent trainer. By redesigning the internal components, they were able to significantly improve the stillness. The noise coming from internal air displacements is reduced even more and the same goes for the vibrations noticed at a low cadence. Power: The new motor design improves the ride feel massive. Tacx was able to give the motor of the NEO 2T more power, resulting in the ability to generate higher resistance levels under specific conditions, like in a sprint or at low speeds. The very powerful resistance unit is as able to simulate incline gradients up to 25% and sprints up to 2200 Watts. Pedal Stroke Analysis: The NEO 2T Smart is equipped with a capacitive left and right detection sensor that accurately measures the exact position of both your legs. This allows for a detailed and accurate pedal stroke analysis enabling you to improve your power distribution and cycling performance. By adding standard ANT+ Cycling dynamics, you can analyse your pedal stroke via the software of third parties; for example, on a Garmin Edge bike computer. Real Road Feel: The renowned features of the NEO 2 Smart are still there like Road feel where you experience the vibrating sensation of riding on cobblestones, gravel and many other road surfaces (available in Tacx Films and Zwift). Or Dynamic inertia, which compensates for weight, speed and the angle of inclination to provide a very realistic ride feel. Descent simulation let this bike trainer accelerate in descent when you virtually go downhill and with the unique Isokinetic and Isotonic mode, it is not only possible to train for an even pedal stroke but also to build power in your stroke by training at a high wattage and low cadence. Maintenance Free: To make your indoor training as smooth as possible, Tacx has developed a totally maintenance-free bike trainer: there is no maintenance and there are no adjustments required to train with the NEO 2T Smart. Furthermore, it is the only trainer that doesn’t require a calibration process because, in contrast to other trainers, there are no internal transmissions. Therefore it can measure your power with incredible precision, making sure that your data is accurate within 1% and reliable. All to make sure you can completely focus on your training. Interactive: This fully interactive Smart trainer measures your speed, cadence and power and can be controlled by the application of your choice. It wirelessly connects via ANT+ (FE-C) and Bluetooth in no time to cycling apps like Tacx, Zwift or TrainerRoad. Upgrading to the latest firmware is no hassle with the Tacx Utility app, so you can always make use of the latest improvements and features. Stand Alone: The smart electronics of the NEO 2T Smart also allow you to train stand-alone, without any software connections. The resistance follows a progressive power curve, in accordance with cycling on a flat road. Add this to the fact that this direct drive trainer is self-powered and doesn’t require an external power source, and you have the ideal companion for your training camp or when you want to warm-up for a race. Adapters: The rear axle of the NEO 2T Smart is redesigned in order to make it compatible with most bikes, without the need for adapters. Just click and go. Only for 135×10 and 135×12 axles, you’ll need an additional adapter. Features: Max Resistance: 2200W Power Accuracy: Within 1% Max. Simulated Slope: 25% Mass Inertia: 125kg / 275.6lbs Resistance Unit: Motor Control: Interactive Wireless Connections: Bluetooth & ANT+ FE-C Suitable Axles: Race 130mm, MTB 135mm, 142x12mm, 148x12mm. Additional adapters are available for 135×10 and 135×12 Suitable Cassettes: Shimano & SRAM: 8-11 Speed (Campagnolo (T2875.51) and SRAM XD/XDR 12-speed (T2875.76) freehub bodies sold separately) Overall weight of turbo trainer: 21.5kg LifeLine Rocker Plate The Lifeline Rocker Plate adds an extra level of realism to your indoor training. Mount your trainer to the plate and begin your session. The 13-degree side to side rock simulates the balance of road riding.   Mount your trainer and riser block to the rocker plate and secure it down with the velcro straps provided. The Lifeline Rocker Plate provides up to 13 degrees of ‘rocking range’ and adds an additional sense of reality to your indoor riding. The rocker plate requires the rider to maintain balance on the bike. It recreates the natural side to side movement you’d get whilst out on the roads. When you put the power down, rock with the bike and build your core strength. Indoor training doesn’t have to be static. An added benefit of the Rocker Plate is that it relieves some of the stress on the bike frame that is associated with long term static training. Features:  Approximate gross weight: 20KG 162.5cm length 90cm at its widest point 28.5cm at its narrowest 10cm height Plywood board with natural rubber sheet Included in the box: Ply Rocker Plate – upper and lower x 1 Rubber damping block × 5 M10 countersunk screws × 10 Velcro straps × 5 Inflatable balance balls x 3 Mini pump + needle × 1 Spirit level x 1

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£1,349.00 – Tacx Neo 2T and LifeLine Motion Bundle Turbo Trainers

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