KICKR BIKE SHIFT offers the unmatched ride feel of KICKR BIKE and retains key features such as Reality Shift, True Fit, Real Ride Feel and, of course, Wi-FI. Wahoo has helped open up the smart bike category to even more people by refining features, including the introduction of a new brake and belt drivetrain system to deliver lightning fast resistance response to grade and power changes – plus an even quieter ride than ever before. KICKR BIKE SHIFT features a new brake and belt drivetrain system to deliver lightning fast resistance response to grade and power changes. Interval interrupted? ERG Easy Ramp returns you o your power target over 10 seconds, easing you back into your workout so ou can hit your targets. TRUE FIT Guided by an intuitive setup app, Wahoo has made it simple to match KICKR BIKE’s fit to your outdoor bike’s exact geometry. Dial in your fit with easy access quick release levers – even customize with your own components for optimal comfort and peformance. REALITY SHIFT Virtual shifting and custom gears allow you to match the gear ratios of your outdoor bike, including number of speeds and even cassette tooth count, and replicates most major manufacturer group sets to create the most personalized ride experience. CONNECTIVITY Connect your KICKR BIKE SHIFT to all of your devices, now with KICKR DIRECT CONNECT and connectivity over your WiFi network. KICKR Direct Connect attaches your KICKR to your router for a constant streaming virtual ride or race. Connecting on your WiFi network for a faster and more stable connection to your devices, and get Automatic Firmware Updates.

This Turbo Trainer product is available today at this price from Tredz Limited.