The Wahoo KICKR Move offers a more comfortable, engaging and realistic indoor training experience. With the new fore-aft movement feature, the KICKR MOVE offers a remarkably authentic feel much like outdoor cycling.Key Features:Immersive Movement: 8 inches of fore-aft motion, providing a dynamic and realistic riding experience.Built for Performance: Virtually silent operation, a 16 lb. flywheel, and a robust frame ensure durability and realism.Precise Power: Withstand the power demands of elite cyclists with over 2,200 watts of accurate resistance (+/- 1%).Wahoo KICKR Move ReviewThe KICKR MOVE is mounted on wheels within a fixed, curved track. As the rider adjusts power output, changes positions, or repositions on the saddle, the trainer moves with them, facilitated by the curved track allowing gravity to modulate movement. Small saddle adjustments yield subtle movements, while standing for a sprint induces more pronounced motion. Additionally, the KICKR MOVE includes a lockout switch for movement disengagement, simplifying bike mounting, trainer mobility, and customization to rider preferences. Unlock a new dimension of cycling with KICKR MOVE’s unique combination of responsive movement. Your indoor training will never be the same, offering the comfort, motivation, and enjoyment needed to optimise your cycling performance. The KICKR MOVE is a game-changer for riders who demand the best from themselves and their indoor cycling experience.

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