£1,299.00 – Wahoo KICKR Smart Trainer and Climb KOM Bundle Turbo Trainers




Engineered for the ultimate indoor cycling experience, this trainer features a virtually silent flywheel and measures speed, distance, power and cadence with the utmost accuracy. Also, this Smart Trainer was developed and tested by the world’s most demanding top-level athletes to ensure performance and durability are more rewarding than they have ever been. Bundle Includes: Wahoo KICKR Smart Turbo Trainer Wahoo KICKR CLIMB Indoor Grade Simulator KICKR V5 Automatic Calibration The KICKR V5 features automatic calibration, which means you no longer have to perform spin downs as you train. The KICKR now performs spin downs periodically as you ride with a cycling resistance up to 2000 watts. Also, this trainer records vital cycling metrics with an accuracy of +/- 1% and is compatible with your favourite cycling apps such as Zwift. Wahoo AXIS Feet for Realistic Movement The AXIS feet technology gives this KICKR V5 trainer the most dynamic and real-feel cycling experience without having to leave your home. Mimicking outdoor riding momentum when you stand up to climb or get in the drops to out-sprint your goal, the AXIS system provides 5° of side-to-side movement and consistent motion as you put the power down. Plus, this trainer comes supplied with three stiffness variations of AXIS feet, so you can customise its performance to suit your riding style and personal preference. Developed and Optimised for Best-In-Class Performance Tested time and time again by the most demanding athletes in the world, this smart trainer provides World Tour level accuracy and durability. It provides best-in-class performance and records vital cycling metrics to meet the demands of the most powerful and the most ambitious cyclists. This means you will be getting the most from every training session and experiencing indoor cycling immersion and top-level performance at its finest. Please Note: This trainer is supplied with a UK 3 pin and EU 2 pin power adaptor Compatible with Modern Cycling Apps The Wahoo KICKR V5 Smart Turbo Trainer is future-proofed and ready for the demands of modern road race training. To achieve this, it features a port on the back of the unit to support additional accessories and gives you confidence in its compatibility with future upgrades. Plus, this exceptional trainer functions perfectly with modern computer/smartphone software and online cycling platforms. KICKR CLIMB Experience the intensity of smashing summits and obliterating inclines from your static trainer with the KICKR CLIMB Grade Simulator. Designed to work every muscle as you blast those outdoor climbs during your indoor workout, the CLIMB will get you there. For a more focused and super-realistic indoor training experience, the KICKR CLIMB Grade Simulator is the ideal companion for Wahoo KICKR and KICKRSNAP Smart Trainers, adding true-to-ride inclines and declines guaranteed to get you out of your seat as you power through your workout.  By mounting your front forks to this innovative Wahoo incline simulator, your static trainer becomes the ultimate in uphill ride preparation. Providing you with real-time grade changes of up to 20% and decreases as low as -10%, you can determine how hard you work via the handlebar-mounted remote control, whether you want to ease yourself up the mountain or go for a short-speed switchback sprint.  Bluetooth enabled and compatible with KICKR Smart Trainer virtual training third-party apps, adding the KICKR CLIMB Grade Simulator to your static set-up makes your training even more immersive and realistic as you bring the outdoors indoors in your quest to be King of the Mountain. KICKR CLIMB Features: Maximum Grades: Incline – 20%; Decline – -10% Size: 25.75″ x 5.1″ x 7″ Wireless Software Update: Yes Third Party App Compatible: Yes, when paired to a KICKR or KICKR SNAP Supported Hubs: QR, 12×100, 15×100, 15×110 Compatibility: New Wahoo KICKR and New KICKR SNAP Included Hardware: KICKR CLIMB unit, Power adapter and adapters for quick release, 12×100, 15×100, and 15×110 Hubs   Technologies: Automatic Spin Down:  The KICKR V5’s automatic calibration removes the need for the regular spin down functionality, instead, it continuously calibrates the KICKR throughout a ride so that your power accuracy is always correct. How does this work? – The Wahoo KICKR V5 continuously monitors performance and detects coasting. When the KICKR coasts, it’s able to measure the drag in the system which allows it to recalibrate. Do I still need to do a regular spin down? – No, A regular spin down is no longer needed because the automatic calibration is always on. What is the power accuracy of the new KICKR V5? – The new KICKR achieves a better power accuracy of 1% because of the addition of the new automatic calibration feature. AXIS Feet:  The outer feet are customizable and are very easy to customize. With the 3 different size caps for the outrigger feet, you simply unthread the feet from the KICKR, remove the lock ring, remove the bolt and previously installed cap and then replace it with the different cap of your choice (Stiff caps, middle caps (installed by default), easy caps). Plus, they allow for 1 up to 5 degrees of side-to-side movement and are fully compatible with the CLIMB (sold separately) system. And, they still provide the same side-to-side motion with or without the CLIMB connected to your bike. Disclaimer: Because of the wide variety of bicycle makes and models, it is not possible for Wahoo to guarantee the KICKR’s compatibility with all bicycles matching these parameters. To fully ensure compatibility, Wahoo recommends visiting a local Wahoo retailer to test your bicycle’s fit before purchasing. Please take note of the “Known Incompatible Bikes” listed below.  While Wahoo has conducted tests on KICKR safety and compatibility with certain bikes, the KICKR end user is ultimately responsible for ensuring that their bike frame is compatible with the KICKR trainers such that damage to the bike frame does not result from using the KICKR trainer. Wahoo Fitness strongly discourages altering trainers to fit bikes deviating from the following specifications including (but not limited to) grinding-down components, adding washers, or improperly reversing spacers as these may void your warranty and increase inherent risk. Wahoo Fitness is not liable for any damage or injury related to improper installation, modification, or misuse of hardware. Known Incompatible Bikes The following bikes are NOT COMPATIBLE with KICKR v5, KICKR ’18, KICKR ’17, or KICKR CORE: Canyon Ultimate with rim brakes [disc brake version still compatible] E-bikes, single speed, track, and/or recumbent bikes Additionally, the following bikes are NOT COMPATIBLE with KICKR ’17 (the adapters updated in July 2021, mentioned below, are not compatible with KICKR ’17): 2021 Trek Emonda 2020-2021 Trek Domane & Madone 2021 Giant TCR Disc Models Lauf True Grit All Cervelo Disc Frames Updated Compatibility (July 2021) The following bikes are not compatible with the standard adapters included with KICKR v5, KICKR ’18, or KICKR CORE. However, updated Thru Axle adapters have been produced to resolve compatibility issues for these frames with Shimano and Campagnolo drivetrains (not compatible with SRAM XDR drivers). Please contact your local Wahoo dealer or Wahoo Customer Support for updated adapters. 2021 Trek Emonda 2020-2021 Trek Domane & Madone 2021 Giant TCR Disc Models Lauf True Grit All Cervelo Disc Frames

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£1,299.00 – Wahoo KICKR Smart Trainer and Climb KOM Bundle Turbo Trainers

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