£1,339.99 – Wahoo KICKR SNAP Ultimate Pain Cave Bundle Turbo Trainers




Wahoo KICKR SNAP Smart Turbo Trainer The Wahoo KICKR SNAP shares the great features of the KICKR including power you can feel, app-controlled resistance & an open platform, all in a convenient wheel-on design. The SNAP is the perfect training companion to help you get race-ready. Free Trial – Wahoo SYSTM Customers will benefit from a free 60-day trial of the Wahoo SYSTM training app. Unlock your potential with Wahoo SYSTM, a complete training app for iOS, MacOS, Windows and Android. SYSTM gives you everything you need to achieve your goals and take your performance to the next level, including a comprehensive library of structured workouts paired with immersive content, strength training, yoga, and mental training, all integrated into easy-to-follow training plans for cycling and multisport. Harness the power of the SYSTM 4DP® power profile to get unprecedented insight into your abilities and training personalised to your unique fitness level. Convenience SNAP’s Wheel-On design makes it easy to turn your road, mountain, or TT Bike into a powerful indoor Smart Trainer. Power Like KICKR, SNAP uses your smartphone, tablet or computer to control resistance and provide a reliable power measurement up to 1,500W so you can monitor and adjust your intensity. Stability Made from high strength carbon steel and featuring a wide stance, SNAP is designed to keep its feet firmly planted on the floor and your bike securely locked in so you can train with confidence. Grade Maximum per cent adjusts to simulate up to a 12% incline. LED Indicator Visual confirmation that SNAP is powered, connected and transmitting. Compatibility & Connectivity: Wahoo Element GPS Bike Computer                                                                                                            iOS must be running version 8 or newer Android 4.3 or newer and BLE enabled Mac requires ANT+ USB Stick or BLE enabled Windows PC when paired with ANT+ USB Stick or BLE enabled Bluetooth Smart, ANT+ and FE-C Compatible apps: Wahoo fitness, Zwift, Trainer Road, Virtual Training, Veloreality, Kinomap Trainer, PeriPedal, Velo Trainer Specification: Physical Dimensions (legs open): 29” x 26” Weight: 38 lbs. Wheel Size: 650c, 700c, 26”, 27.5”, 29” Hub Types: 130mm and 135mm Quick Release and 12 x 142 Thru-Axle with Adapter Front Wheel Block: Included Resistance Type: Electromagnetic Accuracy: +/- 3% Wireless Software Updates: Yes 3rd Party Power Meter Support: Yes Metrics: Speed / Distance / Power Please Note: This trainer is supplied with a UK 3 pin and EU 2 pin power adaptor Please Note: For bikes with 12mm thru-axles, a separate thru-axle kit must be purchased separately – it is available here Please Note: This trainer is supplied with a UK 3 pin and EU 2 pin power adaptor Disclaimer: Because of the wide variety of bicycle makes and models, it is not possible for Wahoo to guarantee KICKR SNAP compatibility with all bicycles matching these parameters. To fully ensure compatibility, Wahoo recommends visiting a local Wahoo retailer to test your bicycle’s fit before purchasing. Please take note of the “Known Incompatible Bikes” listed below. While Wahoo has conducted tests on KICKR SNAP safety and compatibility with certain bikes, the KICKR SNAP end user is ultimately responsible for ensuring that their bike frame is compatible with the KICKR SNAP trainer such that damage to the bike frame does not result from use. Wahoo Fitness strongly discourages altering trainers to fit bikes deviating from the following specifications including (but not limited to) grinding-down components, adding washers, or improperly reversing spacers as these may void your warranty and increase inherent risk. Wahoo Fitness is not liable for any damage or injury related to improper installation, modification, or misuse of hardware. Known Incompatible Bikes: The following bikes are NOT COMPATIBLE with KICKR SNAP: Some Santa Cruz bikes Some Trek bikes including Domane variants 2021 Cannondale bikes with carbon frames and/or alloy Topstone models 2021 BMC Teammachine ALR Disc Two 2020 Bianchi Sprint 2019 Specialized Roubaix E-bikes, single speed, track, and/or recumbent bikes KICKR Trainer Floormat The perfect companion for the Wahoo KICKR Power trainer. This mat helps the trainer to stay where it is and not to slip about as you workout. The mat is also water resistant and can help in noise reduction if used in a confined space. Features:  Weight: 3447 grams Size: 36″ x 78″ Thickness: 6mm Water resistant Anti-slip texture Noise insulating Safety bevel edge KICKR Indoor Cycling Desk Watch a film, catch up on your emails or analyse those all-important stats as you ride. The Wahoo KICKR Desk allows you to have all your devices at hand as you train. The Wahoo Fitness desk is the desk for multi-tasking. Use it as an indoor cycling desk with your KICKR or as a standing desk in your office. It’s fully adjustable to allow you to easily optimize for and switch between the following: • Standing • Sitting upright • Riding with hands on hoods • Riding in the drops • Riding in aero bars The desk has built-in tablet and smartphone stands and built-in holes to connect all your computer technology. A steel frame makes it sturdy and a slip-resistant surface will keep everything in place – no matter how much you sweat. Features:  Fully adjustable Wheels for easy movement Durable Steel Frame Built in tablet and smartphone stand Built in holes for cable organisation Slip resistant desk surface KICKR Headwind Smart Fan Adding optimized cooling and realistic wind-speeds to your indoor training experience, Wahoo’s KICKR Headwind Smart Fan provides responsive and targeted airflow, hitting you where and when you need it most, based on the intensity of your static ride. The harder you work, the more the KICKR Headwind Smart Fan cools you down, by taking information directly from your ANT+ connected smart trainer, speed sensor and heart rate monitor and adjusting the speed and power of the airflow for ultimate air-conditioning.  The targeted airflow that the Headwind generates is designed in such a way that it mirrors your body shape and riding position, making for a life-like feel as the air blows at you. The strength and speed of the air can also be controlled manually via the Wahoo App or via the 4 settings given on the fan itself, allowing for a steady and constant airflow when required. Maxing out at a top wind-speed of 30mph, the KICKR Headwind Smart Fan is an innovative and intuitive fan, guaranteed to keep you cool during your hardest of workouts. Features: Sensor Controls: ANT+ smart trainer, heart rate monitor and speed sensor controlled Manual Controls: Wahoo App, Four-speed selection on fan Maximum Wind-speed: 30mph Connectivity: Bluetooth, ANT+ Weight: 12lbs KICKR CLIMB Indoor Grade Simulator Experience the intensity of smashing summits and obliterating inclines from your static trainer with the KICKR CLIMB Grade Simulator. Designed to work every muscle as you blast those outdoor climbs during your indoor workout, the CLIMB will get you there. For a more focused and super-realistic indoor training experience, the KICKR CLIMB Grade Simulator is the ideal companion for Wahoo KICKR and KICKRSNAP Smart Trainers, adding true-to-ride inclines and declines guaranteed to get you out of your seat as you power through your workout.  By mounting your front forks to this innovative Wahoo incline simulator, your static trainer becomes the ultimate in uphill ride preparation. Providing you with real-time grade changes of up to 20% and decreases as low as -10%, you can determine how hard you work via the handlebar mounted remote control, whether you want to ease yourself up the mountain or go for a short-speed switchback sprint.  Bluetooth enabled and compatible with KICKR Smart Trainer virtual training third-party apps, adding the KICKR CLIMB Grade Simulator to your static set-up makes your training even more immersive and realistic as you bring the outdoors indoors in your quest to be King of the Mountain. Features: Maximum Grades: Incline – 20%; Decline – -10% Size: 25.75″ x 5.1″ x 7″ Wireless Software Update: Yes Third Party App Compatible: Yes, when paired to a KICKR or KICKR SNAP Supported Hubs: QR, 12×100, 15×100, 15×110 Compatibility: New Wahoo KICKR and New KICKR SNAP Included Hardware: KICKR CLIMB unit, Power adapter and adapters for quick release, 12×100, 15×100, and 15×110 Hubs

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£1,339.99 – Wahoo KICKR SNAP Ultimate Pain Cave Bundle Turbo Trainers

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